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    hey guys, i'm looking to INSTALL the LED notifications for my texts, calls, etc.. where do i find that patch? just wondering because i'm still new to all this
    Are you saying you want to enable LED notifications (It's a setting under "Screen & Lock") or that you are new to patching and need help with that?
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    Wondering if anyone else is missing this patch. one of the first things i installed and had with the advanced patch. now with 2.1 its killing me to not have it. if i could i would but i cant so if someone could update this i would be greatly appreciative.
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    noone else wants this? i really miss the advanced patch that controlled all of this on 1.4.5
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    I too miss this patch did not notice it until at night when emails were coming in left and right blinking all night long.
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    ditto...I really miss this patch. **blink**blink**blink...all night and day with email notifications. ugh.
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    I would love to have this patch back as well. Having multiple email accounts coming to my phone, it is hard to tell when the blinking is NOT an email.
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    Can anyone update this to 2.1?
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