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    WebOS has a minimum distance that it requires before registering most drags, flicks, slides, etc. Analogous to the "dead zone" in the middle position of a joystick, it can be thought of as protecting from false positives (as in, you didn't really mean to drag your finger).

    Sometimes, some things seem more sensitive than others. I have the impression that when flicking to dismiss a notification from the dashboard the dead zone is much smaller.

    Another effect of it is that it introduces a bit of a psychological barrier between you and the content on the screen--that is, rather than the feeling of scrolling a physical list where there'd be no (perceptible) dead zone at all, I feel like I'm doing gestures and need to wait for the phone to "interpret" what I mean. I feel like this is one of the small details that makes the iPhone (natch) such a delight to use; when scrolling something or dragging something, it doesn't wait, it just moves with your finger, so that you feel much more like you're directly moving the onscreen items.

    Could that general minimum distance in our WebOS devices be patched to be smaller? It would take usability testing to determine the best "dead zone" size, of course, but maybe a guess or several versions with different sizes could be made?

    I don't know where I heard it (probably here on PC), but I thought I'd heard a rumor that that was going to be reduced by Palm eventually, but of course I don't remember specifically where or whether there was any date or version number attached to it...

    ...I think it was in that same location that I read that the current minimum drag distance is 25 pixels. I could be completely hallucinating about that, though.

    ...Perhaps one of the versions could mimic the size required in the dashboard area for dismissing notifications.

    Well, thanks for listening!
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    Hm, did a search for "25 pixels", and found the relevant thread, I think:

    Posted on 1/4/2010, the OP reports that Palm said in mid-december that they'll be fixing this in the "near future", so maybe this patch request is superfluous, and we can all suffer through it until Palm comes through?

    ...I'd kinda rather see it fixed now, but I have no idea how much work is involved. (and it sure could be argued to need a huge amount of testing, since it's everywhere...)

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    After clicking around and searching some more based on word combos that occurred to me after I submitted this request, I found another patch request that's for the same thing:

    Can I delete mine? Maybe a moderator can/should do it? or merge it with the other one? Either way... Thanks for listening!

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