Aloha Patch Writers and Wizards,

I just switched from a Treo 700w to a Pixi Plus. I like the new phone, but I can only see 3 1/2 emails or so in the Inbox at a time. Yes, I can scroll down and I can delete the ones I see by flicking them off the scree, but I would like to be able to view six or seven at a time.

This would entail reformatting the Inbox so that it's just name on one line and subject line on the next line. Currently, each email is using up three rows and there is an empty space row between each email.

I would like it all single spaced with no empty rows, name in bold and subject line not bold.

This would allow the Pixi to become more of a business user phone. I send and receive 30-50 emails per day and viewing them in 3s is killing me, endless scrolling up and down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!