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    I realize some of these may not be possible, but would love a landscape view or accelerometer enabled for:
    • Engadget- Precentral has it. Why not Engadget?
    • Pandora-For example, I use a cable to Aux in for my car stereo while on a touchstone, would be nice to put Pre upside down or even sideways so the cable isn't always bending near the jack.
    • Dr. Podder-Same reason
    • NESEM
    • The New York Times

    Aren't all reader programs best in landscape?

    Thanks to all if you can help.

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    Patches are possible for all but NESEM (SDL used there, you'll have to talk with the developer). But overall, for at least Engadget/Podder/NYT, you might be better off requesting them to add it to their apps.

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