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    Hello all-

    I'm struggling to remove a patch from my Pre. I apparently had two patches installed for the Battery Icon and Percent. One was the regular Battery Icon and Percent, the other is Battery Icon and Percent white. I want to delete the white one, but in Preware and WebOS QuickInstall it is giving me an error and not letting me uninstall. I've only used Preware and Quick Install to do patching, so I don't know anything about all the terminal commands, let alone how to get to the terminal on the device.

    My question is if there is a way to remove this patch without having to go through webOS Doctor and wipe the whole thing? Thanks in advance for any help!
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    Remove all your patches and run EPR If that don't work run Repair Utility
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    try some of the step in the link in my signature.
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    thanks guys, I tried both options to no avail. I ended up running WebOS Doctor, then doing a full erase in the device reset menu. this cleared everything up, so I now have everything back on there the way I want it! Thanks for the help & suggestions!

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