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    have you guys used the app news feed? I don't anymore, but I really liked how its notification changed to show each of the new story titles to let you know. Further, the app lets you modify how fast the notification changes so that you can set it to how fast you read.

    no stock notifications do this. For example, the notification for email only shows the most recent email, even when it has a number showing you how many new emails you have. It would be awesome if the notification would change to show you the title of every new email as you are looking at the notification, every ten seconds or so. I'd like this implamented for all stock apps.

    can a patch do that?


    o, fyi, dr podder does this too. wile looking at the expanded notification, it goes through everything u just downloa
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    related patch idea: next buttons for email notification to view other email notifications, like the music app
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    I love this idea. Can some one PLEASE do this asap. I hate that I can only see the notification for the most recent email.
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    I'll donate $25 to the person who makes this patch for the email and messenger notification. Notification must scroll through all new messages/emails. The patch must get into the preware feeds and must be compatible with all existing patches.
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    +1... And something that kind of goes with this is; when you receive multiple text messages and you click on the number/text icon, it would be nice if it brought you to the chat view to select which message you wanted to reply to instead of just opening the latest text.
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