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    So it's been a while wince SmartReflex/Overclock came out and since 1.3.5, I'm curious as to how it's been for everyone using it. Have you seen consistently longer battery life (if yes, with the 500 or 600?)? Have you had to restart more often?
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    It works great for me... I have the 500 patch. I used the 550 for a while, but it seemed like reboots did not go so well. When I say that, sometimes it just wouldn't boot up until I tried 4-5 times. The 500 seems to be much better. I only reboot once in a blue moon when installing VK or something like that.
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    I bailed on the SmartReflex in favor for the simple terminal 600mhz adjustment. I never had any problems with the SmartReflex but it was too easy to not try just running at a constant (mostly) 600.

    As far as that goes it has been great. Maybe a slight decrease in battery life under heavy use but I use my phone so much that I'm already use to throwing on the touch stone mid day.

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