View Poll Results: Is a patch which makes the Pre's CPU run at 600Mhz safe?

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  • Yes, the 3D games prove it

    15 88.24%
  • No, there is a reason the CPU is scaled down to 500Mhz

    2 11.76%
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    So now that we have 3D apps which scale the CPU up to 600MHz, is there a general recognition that the 600MHz patches (if they appear to work fine) are in fact perfectly safe and do not affect the life of the phone.

    Or is just the calm before the storm for those who don't have problems, and the 3D games provide a safer way to run the CPU at 600MHz than the patches could?
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    Now when I say (if they appear to work fine) I mean for the ones who didn't have crashes or the bricking of a phone. Also, bump.
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    Here's a link to a post by UnixPsycho with his script and instructions to install/uninstall for 600Mhz or 550Mhz, if anyone is interested.

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