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    I would really like to request a dev here please consider making a KeyCaps patch for webos. For those unacquainted with what keyCaps is, please refer to the link below:

    Basically, the patch would allow you to easily capitalize and use punctuation on the Pre/Pixi without having to use the orange/option keys. For example:

    simple press on the g key = 'g'
    press and hold g key = 'G'
    double press g key = '6'

    It would be wonderful if a patch that encorporated the original keycaps functionality would be available. Any takers?
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    Nice idea, I like it :-) +1
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    I'm gonna make this thread active again in hopes that our super smart guys like Jason, can revisit this patch idea. This was great for palm os and would be great in webos. I dont know how difficult it is to pull off, but if it's possible, please make this happen!
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    Is that a hard process to do this keycaps?

    if this patch has been made this will be fast for open apps

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