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    Should be. I don't know why it would have been removed.
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    I get an error about Web OS servers and AUPT scripts when I try to install? Any ideas? Sorry
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    "Unable to connect to WebOS-Internals Servers"
    "Cannot download AUPT scripts for the patch"
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    Try again. Sounds like WebOS Internals may be having issues with their servers hosting the feeds.
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    Patch modified to work with Pre 3.

    All hardwork done by the original author. I just had to change the line numbers for a couple of changes and tweak the 3rd change slightly.

    BTW, I changed the new message notification to 'has sent you a message'. Seemed more natural to me. Your preferences could differ, but should be easy enough for you to change the text by opening it in a text editor, before applying it.

    The text in 'List mode' still remains '[Privacy Mode]' (talking about the 'enhanced' variant here). Can't think of a better alternative.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dallashigh View Post
    These patches are licensed under the MIT license.

    Privacy and Enhanced Privacy for Messaging

    Sometimes your phone is laying around where others are passing by, or you let someone use your phone, and you don't want them to see your text messages. Well, these patches will prevent casual looking at your private texts.

    Messages hidden in: Notification, Dashboard (including lock screen)
    Messages shown in: List view, Chat view

    Enhanced Privacy
    Messages hidden in: Notification, Dashboard (inc. lock screen), List view
    Messages shown in: Chat view only

    See screenshots in attachments.


    • Pick one patch or the other. Do not try to install both patches at the same time.
    • Currently, there is no way to toggle privacy off without removing the patch.
    • Tapping the notification or dashboard will still open chat view, where your texts will be unhidden.

    Will be in Preware soonish.
    thx for share
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    I got a failure during the patch installation, could you help to check how to solve it, thanks!

    Patch installation failed
    1 out of hunk FAILED - saving rejects to file /usr/palm/applications/$rej$ $and$ $notification$-$assistant$.$js$.$rej$
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