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    Patch Request: EVDO Unrestrictor

    Can someone make a patch that unrestricts the phone's browsing and download speeds over it's EVDO and 1X connection on Sprint. This is similar to the download unrestrictor for WIFI. NEED TO CATCH UP TO A JAILBROKEN IPHONE WITH A 3G UNRESTRICTOR APP.
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    I thought the 3G unrestrictor on the iphone was to allow apps like skype to run over 3G and not be restricted to wifi only. However if what your saying is possible I'm all for it.
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    what you are saying could very well be true as there is more than on 3G unrestrictor app available. The one I am referring to allows the phone to run completely urestricted on it's 3G network. It's blazing fast. I believe the pre can keep up but, the only unrestrictor we have is for wifi. The iphone in question downloads or streams 8 min youtube clips in the blink of an eye. It's very fast.
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    I thought the Unthrottled Download Speed Patch did exactly this

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