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    This feature has been broken for a while. Can someone fix the issue of the mic not working when your Pre is wired to a headphone jack? Answering a call is pretty annoying when your driving and trying to listen to music at the same time.

    Thanks for any help guys and gals
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    o is this an issue on palms end? Is it the same issue with a mic on h2dp bluetooth headphones? I havnt used it much but wen I have, the other person couldn't hear me. I thought my headphones were faulty but maybe its my phone? Anyone else with this issue?

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    Any updates on this? I usually get incoming phone calls while listening to music, podcast and I have to unplug the headphone jack, enable speaker phone to finally answer a call while driving. This is really very annoying and I see that my wife's EVO can actually use the mic while the headset is plugged in.
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    I am also curious about this. I can no longer use my car stereo to listen to phone calls while still using the microphone to pick up my voice. That's such a pain. Now I have to connect it to my Garmin via Bluetooth and then connect that to my car stereo. Argh.
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    I to want this back. I'm getting tired of the work around to get this to work. For those who dont know....plug the headphone jack in and plug it into an aux jack on your car. Restart phone (orange, sym, R) and wait for it to restart and now the mic works so u can take calls while listening to Pandora or whatever music. So my question is if its a simple restart (although it takes up to five min) why cant one of our brilliant devs make a patch that can simply reset the headphone jack...if possible.
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    I'm surprised to see someone hasn't created a patch for this yet. I came back to the Palm Pre recently and tried doing this today forgetting that it doesn't work. I remember in the first few versions of WebOS this used to work.

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