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    This would make it so the phone can be operated in both views. Either make it so the items in the quick launch bar stay stationary but rotate or have them line the bottom of the screen. The launch pages and phone's menus also. Is it possible to get the VK to work for searching as well? I don't even know if any of it's possible but I think it would be pretty sweet.
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    +1 for this, it's a great idea. I presume you mean having the icons rotate like the green button in the camera?
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    oh yeah +1
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    exactly. It seems like Palm kind of dropped the ball on making this a two way viewable phone. I think I'd use the landscape view as much as portrait if it was designed with everything being LS operable. Hopefully the Pre 2 will have this. I would love to multitask in landscape and it must be possible for the icons to rotate if the camera buttons are able to.
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    please! please some one do this, it would be super sexy
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    Yeah I agree - this would be great!
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    +1 I saw this on my friends droid and it's pretty cool

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