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    I just downloaded the sms tone per contact patch, and every time i get a text message my screen turns on. I have it turned off in the screen and lock. I have removed the patch but the same still happens. =/. Also how do i revert back to my old sounds?
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    My phone started doing that several updates ago. I don't think there's a way to make it not do that anymore, but if there is, I would love to know it.
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    Oh, actually nevermind. I just tried it, and it seems my screen doesn't turn on at all if I get a notification and have "show notifications when locked" off. They must have fixed that in 1.3.5. I'm not sure why that still happens even though you removed the patch.

    For getting your normal sounds back, I would suggest reinstalling the patch then changing the settings for each contact's tone back to normal. That may actually fix the other problem you were having too with the screen
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    hey if you put this patch on do you have to go in and setup everyone in your phone book to have a sound cuz when i set up this patch i dont get sound on my text now

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