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    This is probably one of the more complicated patch requests. It was partially inspired by the Poor Man's Twitter Client patch, but it's functionality is still much different from that patch. It is kind of a built-in Twitter client, but is really only for receiving Twitter messages through the Palm messenger app.

    I don't use Twitter to transmit messages, but I do follow a few people and like to see their updates. I have Twitter (40404) saved as a contact on my phone. Whenever Twitter sends me an update, it shows the message as being from Twitter, then gives the sender in the start of the message itself. It basically looks like this:

    [notification from Twitter]
    JohnDoe123: message

    Here's what I'd like to see in a patch to the messenger app: You must have a contact named Twitter with number 40404. This would be a requirement. Then you can use a field, like the Nickname field, to store your contacts' Twitter IDs. So if my friend named John Doe uses a twitter ID of JohnDoe123, that would go in John Doe's Nickname field in his contact.

    Then when the messenging app receives a notification from Twitter, it searches through your contacts to see if the Twitter sender's ID is listed in anyone's nickname field. If found, it deletes the notification from the Twitter contact and instead sends your phone a new notification that appears to be from that contact (not sure if this is possible, since it is basically spoofing a text message on the client-level). The first notification (from Twitter) would be suppressed and the second would be sent, essentially.

    A message from a Twitter user would appear to you as if it were a text message. There are only two issues I can think of that may present a problem with this. The first, and more obvious one, is that you may reply to the sender by text message thinking that they sent you a text. On the other hand, I don't really see this as a negative thing, since it is a quick way for you to reply to their message directly and privately, without posting anything accidently to your Twitter account or to theirs. To prevent any confusion with this, all messages that are filtered using this process would precede the message contents with "[Twitter]" or "Twitter:".

    The second potential issue is that if you are following a whole lot of people, and there are a lot of Twitter messages, your messenger app will be filled with separate message threads from all those people, separately instead of in one thread. The solution to this problem is to only add the Twitter IDs you want to be filtered out to your contacts list (in the nickname field). That way, if you have one or two users who have a lot of posts, theirs will go into the main Twitter thread.

    Messages sent from Twitter by contacts that you have listed in your contacts list now look like this:

    [notification from John Doe] - (notice that it uses the contact's actual name)
    Twitter: message

    What do you all think? Is this practical or desired? I suppose that if the "spoofing" of the notifications were not possible, it would at least be neat if the contact's actual name would appear in the Twitter thread of the messenger app instead of their Twitter ID. But if the functionality is there, I like this idea better.
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    I would also like to see something like this as an option.
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    Has anyone considered making this patch?

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