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    To all the fantastic Devs out there in the Homebrew community, is it possible to create a patch that will allow the mini card view to be shown in a grid formation rather than a line formation as it currently is now.

    I think the grid view would be more beneficial as you can see all the apps that are currently open and quickly switch in between them

    Thanks in advance and I appreciate and love all of the work done thus far. You all have made the Pre a much better device one hundred fold.
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    oh hell yes!

    this is a major modification to luna but i think mojo might be flexible enough to allow something like this?

    the only thing is would this be possible to figure out before the next gen webos device comes out.

    this would be so friggin amazing. even if it wasnt a grid and like a plus sign style grid up/down and sideways would be cool enough!

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