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    Mobile Hotspot works great for me with my laptop, getting the speeds I would expect. But for some reason when I use it with an iPod touch. The data is choked off to almost nothing. I experience speeds of 75k if I am lucky. Something is obviously wrong, but I can't imagine what it is.

    Does anyone have any insight into this?
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    well i use my ipod touch with my mobile hotspot...and it works good for me...whats the issue?
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    For me the issue is that while I can get normal data speeds on my laptop, with the iPod Touch I get only 50K-75K which is barely any data flowing at all.

    It isn't the Mobile Hotspot since it works with my laptop, I'm just wondering if there is any type of configuration requred for the iPod Touch that I am overlooking.
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    For me its the opposite, my iTouch works great but laptop wont work at all
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    It works great for me on my iphone.
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    kb or Kb?
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    Works flawlessly on the ipod touch for me, just a big battery drainer for the pre.
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    It works with my ipod touch except i also have the slow connect speeds 10kbps -15kbps max. Any ideas?
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    Bump - I get good speeds when I connect my laptop to my Pre Plus and Hotpot. I can connect to my Slingbox and get decent quality. I can not get good speeds connecting to my iTouch. And Slingbox is unusable. I also tried connecting to my old Palm TX with the same results as the iTouch. Can anybody help me out?
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    Here is my speed using ipod touch. Can anybody tell me why my upload speed is faster than my download speed?

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    Has anyone been able to figure this out?
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    It seems a lot better for me after updating my iPod Touch 3rd generation to iOS 4. However, it still doesn't have the speeds that it probably should have. The highest speed I ever got before iOS 4 was 0.05 megabits per second. Now I am consistently getting between 0.40 and 0.50 megabits per second.
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    Same with me. My Macbook speeds are much faster than the speeds I get with my iPod Touch. Have been wondering about this.


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