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    So I've had my phone over a week now, immediately started tweaking with apps and a few patches (less than a dozen). Have Preware installed and used both it and WebOS Quick Install without much problem aside from occasional error message. Although both Preware and WQI seem to have issues properly displaying what patches I have installed or not. For example I installed several patches (Wheverver WQI is closed and reopened it doesn't show a patch I had recently installed as being checked off in the list) I played around with them and then read about the issues regarding updating the WebOS and having to uninstall patches so I ran EPR to remove them so I didn't have to worry about removing them later. However when I later ran Preware it showed it wanted to update all the patches that were removed. Of course attempting to do so resulted in error messages since the patches were no longer there. I

    I then read about the WebOS updating no longer being an issue with updated patches so I used WQI to reinstall most of the previously installed patches. No problem, all installed fine. However two patches that were removed always show up in the WQI menu as being installed regardless. One example being the Iphone spoofing patch (whatever it's called). Anyway not a big deal just annoying.

    So I was reconfiguring the launcher after all this, added a page, moving icons around etc. I didn't have anything open, just moving stuff around and the phone spontaneously rebooted itself and when it came back online all the patches seemed to be gone except the extra launcher window (4 pages instead of 3) and when I open Preware it doesn't show any patches except the virtual keyboard which I had installed the first time before the EPR, but I didn't reinstall after. I rebooted Luna again just to be safe, but same thing.

    What happened to my patches? Not a big deal but very odd. Any ideas?
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    Did you reboot the phone after installing EPR? It does it's magic during the re-start, so if you just downloaded it and installed it without rebooting it didn't actually do anything until your phone crashed and restarted itself...
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