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    Would it be possible to make the music player (remix) app open when headphones are plugged in?

    The pre recognises when headphones are plugged in, so would it be possible to make it open an app when this happens?
    It would also be nice if it could also be unlocked when headphones are inserted.
    Personally I only ever plug headphones in when I want to listen to music, and this would save a lot of time.
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    +1 thia would be awesome
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    I could see this being useful if it works correctly. Pandora is what I would like to have open, though.
    Neat idea.
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    This would be awesome with three different version, default music player, Remix and Pandora.
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    I'd like to add a vote for opening up drPodder when you plug in the headphones. Because I've been using it so much for podcasts, I finally cancelled my XM because I can get what I want from podcasts now...

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