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    when you start typing for a universal search,it pops up offering google, twitter,and wikipedia.

    it would be cool if you could edit these options.
    I'd like to remove the twitter and add imdb.

    thanks for looking.
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    I believe there used to be a tutorial of sorts on how to add more, and there was a patch where if you prefixed your search with a .(something) it would use yahoo or youtube, so if you typed ".y mad Tv iPad" it would bring up youtube with the search "mad tv ipad"

    I wouldn't mind going for a personalization ability, I wouldn't even mind typing in the address and variable as Chrome does (all-be-it automatically)
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    i did this fine in webos 1.3.1, then it stopped working after 1.3.5. when i did it then, it actually erased my universal search and everything in my launcher. i might look into it again and see if i can get it to work later.

    but where ever someone is taking app requests, i all ways suggest an app to customize and manage universal search. either an app, or i think it should be one of the settings app that palm writes that comes with a future webos version.
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    is there a way to do this yet by installing a patch using PreWare? I really don't want to manually edit any code on my phone.

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