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    dont know if its possible, but here goes:

    do you play games, and listen to audio on your pre?
    and set the volume low whilst playing/listening?

    Only to find that the next morning you dont get up, because your alarm sound was LOW too???

    well, i was looking for a patch that could make the clock sound independant, so that you could set it to HIGH, and when you are messing around with the sound level whilst listening to a podcast it wont affect the clock audio level


    thanks and regards

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    If you use the Palm clock app, the alarm sound is tied to systems sound volume, not media sound volume. The problem you're describing is usually found when using Timepiece as your alarm clock app.

    I have requested patches for the ability to change media volume without being in a media app before to no avail.

    I also posted a request to the DEV of Timepiece to try to use system sound volume like the regular clock does... I was advised this was not possible - although Jason seemed to think otherwise, for what it's worth - in the current SDK.

    Unfortunately, due to this I've stopped using Timepiece, until the next update at least, and gone back to the Palm Clock even though I hate the snooze/dismiss options on it. :-\
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