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    So like many others on the board, my power button has no more click to it and no longer turns my Pre on/off. Has anyone looked into powering on via the center button? To prevent accidental presses, maybe the button needs to be held for one full second. If it could also turn the screen off, that would be great, but just turning it on would be fantastic.

    Is this type of patch even possible?
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    I'm sure it's possible, can always remove the battery as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by E1Allen View Post
    I'm sure it's possible, can always remove the battery as well.
    I think we're talking about two different things. Right now, the only way for me to turn my screen on is by sliding the keyboard up. I would like to use the center button with the same functionality as the power button.
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    no hardware access to center button cannot be done
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    There has been alot of talk with the button but nothing has come, it could be that the button is hard wired like the volume buttons and are not accessible by anything but the OS at the moment.
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    OP just take your phone to sprint.... they'll fix it for free.... But if you wanna turn your phone on and off here is a few steps i did to turn my phone back on

    1. take battery cover off
    2. use a tiny flat head screw driver and you can pop the power button off (watch where it fly's because it will fly)
    3. you will see a little black circle button use the tiny screw driving and press and hold that in.
    4. re-assemble everything

    now this is just a temp. fix if you Need to turn your phone on or off.... i'm 100% sure that sprint will fix it free of charge
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    my power button broke too. and i bought a UK pre using it in singapore. so i am pretty screwed i can't turn my screen off! haha
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    My quick fix was to place a small folded piece of paper under the power button. No click but it's useable to turn on/off the screen and phone...
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    Just broke today, and this was the first replacement phone but second for a broken power button.

    The first was a launch day Pre replaced a couple months ago.
    They gave me this phone right away last time and I hope they do the same tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    no hardware access to center button cannot be done
    Correct. There is a thread on this already.

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