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    Would it possible to tweak the transparency of cards to make them completely transparent?

    Perhaps it could function like this:
    - flick a card down toggles between visible and invisible (fully transparent)
    - transparent cards stay in the row of cards (perhaps leaving empty space between two other cards)
    - hold-tap (on either invisible or visible cards) to rearrange cards will render all cards visible during the duration of the operation
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    I believe there was a patch request at one point for one transparent card so you could have alot of cards open but still see the nice clean blank wallpaper.
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    how about instead of having the slide up(on the touch screen) for the launch bar have it for the cards that you want to keep and you can just flick through them like a carousel...also if you can have it in a way that it will not be used much by the processor so you wont get the TOO MANY CARDS message.
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    I dont think w have control as of yet to the cards transparency
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    I was trying to make my messaging app have a transparent scrim. I installed the messaging-scrim patch, and put a 320x480 transparent .png name messaging-scrim. The card ended up all grey. Is there a lower level image under the scrim?
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    There's an app for it. It's 99 cents, and it works wonderfully.
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    Let me edit the above: The app lets you launch ONE clear card, which you can use to keep a view of your wallpaper, desktop weather, etc. without closing all other cards.

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