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    This patch enables international dialing with non sprint phones. it works with gsm models.

    it's currently written for singapore and hong kong.

    user can edit patch for your specific idd number and country number.

    please post here if you have issues implementing to your country.

    i have written a patch for calling international numbers, or with calling cards.
    needs to be modified for your country and carrier

    currently good for starhub singapore, and pccw hong kong.

    can easily be edited for your country and installed with webosquickinstall.

    updated: now works with universal search dialing.
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    I dont understand what this patch is for. I live in the Netherlands for example. What would the numbers look like after applying the patch? Now it looks like +31612345678
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    ok. you need to edit the patch to work for Netherlands. i will help you.
    What is the IDD code for your carrier?

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