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    Would anyone be able to make a topbar scrim similar to what sconix uses in his full width transparent menu patch? I tried using the png file from his patch but it is not full width.

    It would look like this but empty (no words/icons of course):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deester4x4jr View Post
    Yea... see how the screen behind is greyed out? I'm trying to make that stop. The theme Glass Effect Suite achieves it... I need to see what they are doing.
    that is a scrim image
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    which one is it?
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    Here a black at 70%
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    yeah for the record that .png is transparent in my theme which may explain the prblems you're having deester.
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    Well, I'm not quite sure how it happened, but the 'drop effect' when opening a menu is gone.

    The only change I made to my patch was to turn it into an IPK and move the scrim file to /media/internal/.scrims

    I didn't change the code at all so I really have no idea how it works perfectly now, but it does, at least for me. The code is in one of my posts on the previous page, and I recommend using a scrim that only includes the top bar, leaving the rest of the png transparent.
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    Tobias - is your status-bar.png full screen size? or just 28px by (whatever the height is- i forget)?

    I haven't seen the drop for a while, and modding code as others have posted, it still desists.
    My best guess is the "0 0 fixed" appendage to the image url.

    The 'wash-out' is still present.

    In reality, the top bar dimensions are set elsewhere (i'm not really interested in where. others might...), so even using a full screen scrim, with all but the top 28px transparent will not matter in a "0 0 fixed" environment. I wouldn't even bother with the -webkit-background-size: 100% 100%; line. Use whatever works for you though.

    \usr\palm\frameworks\mojo\submissions\347\images\scrim.png this little beauty, though, does the m0th4 f[_]k1n9 trick!!! I just renamed my scrim.png to scrim.png.old (default for unavailable image is no image :-).

    Thanks for all the help everyone!
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