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    so ive had problems installing only CERTAIN patches, like changing ur menu to have 4x4 icons and hiding sprint built in apps, but i can install themes and other patches. its saying error check IPKG log, and when i scroll through that it says that hunk 1 of 3 was not able to install or somethin along those lines... if anyone has any ideas it would be great cuz i dont NEED this but it makes everything flow much easier. thanks in advance for any help
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    In my experience (and correct me if I'm wrong) usually when you get Hunk errors it's because the patch is conflicting with one you already have installed. Make sure you've got the latest version of WebOS, Preware and Preware's package manager. Then all you can do is go through the tedious process of removing your other patches one by one until you find out which one is conflicting. Good luck
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    thats the weird thing, i first removed ALL of the patches from the phone with the EPR patch so i could update the phone as suggested. however when i returned the phone back to factory state, the first patch i tried to reinstall was the 4x4 icons, and it didnt work. so i dont kno what happened in between the last time when i installed to updating to the 1.3.5 version, but i feel like it has something to do with the update from palm, because as i stated b4, im able to use other patches without problem, its just certain few and that is y i was also interested to see if anyone was having similar problems... thx for the input though im looking for any and all help in this situation.

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