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    i kno tap to call makes it really convenient, but i don't call that much, plus I am all ways calling people on accident because i tapped their phone number, then i hang up as fast as possible lol, but i bet the call registers on the other end and everyone is getting mad at me for that, lol. but watching the roundrobin, i actually liked how you have to hold an icon on touchscreen black berries to launch them. that may be another request, but more important to me is the same thing implemented for calling people from wherever their number might be (IM, contacts, univ. search etc.)

    this would be much appreciated!!
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    Great idea! Definitely one of my least favorite features on the Pre is the ease of dialing a number while browsing through the contacts. I accidently did that today, funny the guy stayed on the line and I heard him screaming to get my attention.
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    Yeah, accidentally calling people and hanging up as quickly as possible so it doesn't register on their end does occur from time to time. I've gotten more cautious with experience, but it's still an issue.

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    Press and hold for a second or two to call from the recent call list / contacts would be great. I have accidentally called way too many people with the Pre...
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    +1. Happens to me too. If we could make it so we have to hold a contact for 2 seconds to make a call similar to fritos patch to open a new card in messaging would be stellar. And make it so clicking a contact will open the phone without making the call unless we press the phone button
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    +1 happens all the time with me to
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    It really wouldn't be such an issue if the End Call button worked immediately and worked all the time. But there have been a few times when I couldn't stop a call from going through... I've even had several times when I was able to close the phone app and the call was still going on in the background; the phone app opened back up and the call was active!

    So if these issues aren't resolved, we really need a patch like this one...

    I'd like to see a Hold-To-Call or Double-Tap-To-Call option.
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    okay disable what button or add hold to it ? i can probly just change the buttons to hold which should be somewhat simple

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    disable tap phone number to call in universal search, contacts, and everywhere else on the device was my idea
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    whyy disable? why not just a hold to call?

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    thats what i mean, i mean make just tapping not call
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    yeahhh all i will have to do is change them to hold i will try something out right now im adding vibrate to gesture tap

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    cool stuff that would be awesome
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    I was just thinking this was needed as I almost accidentally called England... again.

    I think I would prefer tap to launch the phone dialer, but the dialer NEVER starts dialing on its own. I just want it to wait for me to hit the big button before it dials.

    Either way, though. Tap and hold to launch would be just as good, but other apps that come along may try to auto dial when I don't want them to still...
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    if someone does create this patch or any other of our requests, please post or link! Thanks!

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