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    Hello Everyone,

    Frequently when my Pre is in my pocket the power button will get held down by my jeans when I sit. This brings up the power menu with associated "ding" behind the unlock screen. I would love to see a patch that prevents the power menu from coming up unless the phone is on and screen is unlocked.

    I have searched quite a bit for this and found no results for this, if this feature exists as part of another patch please let me know which. Thanks!
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    Heh you must have tight jeans

    I can't write a patch for you but I can tell you there's no existing patch to do this at the moment.
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    Thanks, now maybe someone knows how to do it and would be so kind =)
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    I just found out about this yesterday by accident. Sounds like it's a bug that Palm needs to fix rather than something that needs to be patched. The menu shows but you can't actually press on it unless you unlock the screen, so it sounds unintended, as if the device is locked the power button shouldn't respond to that.
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