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    I changed from Web OS to I was on a sprint config but am located in Europe. I went back to euro Web OS versions.

    The patches I had on Web OS have carried over to the new Web OS version but do no work on the phone. However Preware registers them as downloaded. I have tried to remove these patches but cannot. The emergency patch recovery does not recognise them to be removed.

    Is there any way to remove these patches as I want to use them on the new version but cannot while they are in Limbo.
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    You're probably left with a trip to the doctor.

    Remember it is very important to always remove all patches (no exceptions) before you execute an update of WebOS.
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    Does this mean resetting phone.

    Can you explain more. I had to use Web OS doctor 1.3.1 and then do a OTA update of

    Do I need to repeat this?

    Would the patches be included in the back up?

    Would a partial erase do the trick.
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