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    Well I went to download the virtual keyboard and the preware app actually got stuck at downloading/installing for like 20 minutes so I simply flicked the card away and rebooted. Well here is the problem, the app is installed, but can't be used or removed using preware. Any ideas on how to get this uninstalled so I can re install it the correct way? THanks in advance
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    I did the same thing with the multi-mod patch and same exact problem occurred.
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    WebOS quick install. And you can search this forum. I see new posts for the VK (virtual keyboard) almost everyday.
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    Yes I have webos quick install.. I just wasn't sure if this would fix the problem and thought I would ask around while at work. Thanks for the responses.
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    So I was able to remove it with webos quick install and now I am having troubles trying to re install it.. I get this under Failed on the ipkg log.

    ErrorGenericMethodExecption:Failure during post-install script execution

    Any ideas ??
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    You might have to dl the obsolete VK patch from preware and then try to install

    After you removed the patch , did you try to Re-install using quick install or preware? Try to reinstall with preware.
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    I have tried both preware and webos quick install.. It was on my lunch break and I will try removing the patch you named if it is even on my phone when I off of work. Hopeing thats the issue.

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