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    Please make this patch available for the Pre3 (WebOS 2.2.3)
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    it does work for me (pre3).
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    Quote Originally Posted by juggernaut View Post
    it does work for me (pre3).
    How did you install it? What version of WebOS are you using? I don't see it in any of the feeds. (Preware or WOSQI) Thanks.
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    I downloaded it from someplace (really, I canīt remember) and installed it via InternalzPro (copying to my card and open it from there). Pre3 german with 2.2 here.

    Itīs nice, but a hassle, īcause everytime I want to install some other patch I have to de-install this one, together with the battery-percent-patch, īcause they seem to disable all other patch-installations.
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    This patch works fine on my Pre3 2.2.0.
    I've installed it with WebOSQuickInstall on the pre-4.3.1.
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