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    Hey peeps...

    First let me say that all of the developers out there are doing an outstanding deeply impressed!

    Now, What I would like is a way to get rid of the web icons when launching the web and instead replace those with maybe a much smaller icon is a list view or maybe just the name in a list view...

    Think that is possible?

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    Wanted to keep this runnin because I believe it would be a great idea to implement. The bookmark icons as they are in the Web Launcher are too big I feel. If there was a way to make them smaller...or form a list instead....

    Just an idea
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    Someone did that in this thread. dunno why they didn't submit to preware but as far as I'm aware it's still working?
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    That is the exact post. It requires a change in the OS's images so it would require either a ipk package or theme zip. A ordinary patch will not suffice.

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    that link is actually to a patch that shrinks the icons, not puts them in list view.

    and people have also been building patches that change the link to the OS image in the css files that accompany the app you want to change into an image stored in /media/internal. if I had the time I'd look into that but for now reading page 3 of the thread has instructions on applying the patch which are easy enough to follow.
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    Any update on turning the bookmarks into a list?

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