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    Could someone please remove the little flap thing in Notes app that changes the color? Maybe the color choices could be triggered a button in the drop down menu? That stupid thing gets in the way of text and whenever I show someone something in a note, they always hit the flap. Anyone else hate it?
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    It's not the prettiest result ever (see attached screenshot), and I haven't built in a change-color menu anywhere else (wouldn't have the first clue how), so you may not want to use it - but if it drives you crazy enough, try this out.
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    Does that just remove the image? If you click on the bottom corner, do the color choices pop up?
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    haha, really I did read your request. it removes the whole shebang, tapping anywhere down there now does nothing. I actually wanted to keep the image b/c it's ugly without, but... this was the simplest method.
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    Sweet! Thanks a lot!!
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    Let me know if you have trouble installing, I made it in

    Also, it occurs to me that if you really hate the white corner (as I do), you could photoshop the images in /usr/palm/applications/ called memos-sheet-backdrop-COLOR.png to fill in the missing corner.
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    It didn't install at first, but I changed the location of the file in the .patch file from "/usr/palm/applications/" to "/usr/palm/applications/".

    I'll photoshop the corner in as soon as I get a chance.

    Works AWESOME! Thank you so much!
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    sweet, I should have tested that out first lol

    will edit the file and upload the new attachment in my original post

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