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    Any chance of a patch for the phone app that would give this option for an incoming call? I used this pretty often on my Treo 755p. Really handy when in a situation (such as a meeting) when you can't actually answer a call...
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    This would be an awesome patch. Maybe upon hitting ignore button it populates with a pre defined note.
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    If I'm in a meeting when I get a call I like to be able to send a text back to the caller letting them know when I'll be able to call back.
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    having this would be very nice!
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    i was just going to suggest this as well. i used this all the time on my treo. if i am on another call and can't answer but i want the person to know that i know they called immediately i used to ignore with text saying "on a call, call you back in a moment". You could customize about 5 or 6 different answers and/or type anything you want at the prompt.
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    This sound great. Hope someone come out with this patch.
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    the best way I think this could be done is slide up to answer slide right to ignore with text message and slide left to ignore. I always loved this feature

    and also when you slide right to ignore with text it gives you a list of common phrases like in a meeting or call you later or an option to compose your own
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    hey i just noticed, where are the preset messages?!!! almost all phones have this, how could the pre be missing something like this?
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    Anyone got an update on this topic?

    It sure seems like something the Pre could do, since the Treo 755 had is built in. One of my coworkers still has his 755 and uses it frequently.

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    it sort of does it. Tap ignore. The tap call log and tap sms icon. Two extra taps from how the treo did it.

    I agree it's not as elegant, but once you get used to it, you will like it.
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    I'm pretty sure Sconix's Advanded system preferences patch does this.

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