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    I have saw a lot of people complain and skirt around this issue. Several seem to have gone so far as to purchase classic and use third party SW.

    The patch (or even complete redux) I'd like to see made to the WebOS calendar involves the ability to create multiple color coded categories (6 for starts) inside a single profile/possible multiple profile support.

    The second part of this is to be able to see what events are going on for each day while in month view. This is achieved by using color coded blocks/lines in order of the events listed, dots for all day events.

    This request comes more from my girlfriend who was an avid Centro calendar user who has since tried every type of new smart-phone on the Sprint lineup... She loves her Pre, except for this minor detail. And if you saw even one week of her old calendar from her Centro compared to the same calendar on her Pre, you'd totally understand. Put simply, she used almost every color available to her on her Centro, which I think there are 12...
    I'll gladly give kudos and a small donation to whomever creates a working patch!


    I have attached some images to show the notable difference between the calendar apps. As you can see, the daily view on the Pre is the only real improvement here. I'm not sure how someone would tackle the month view exactly. I was tossing the idea of maybe changing the gray shading to the appropriate color? I dunno... But I think that a lot of people would love to see this functionality return to the Palm device.
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    This is yet another great idea, I would like this too.
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    I would also pay for this functionality (though I think it schuold be a basic function like in my "old" centro).
    I'm using only the PALM account (because I'm serious concerned about the security of my data in the hands of google or the like) and I would really appreciate different colours for different type of issues inside this one account.

    I'm also missing is a serach routine inside the calender (list of all similar events).
    Do a patch already exist?

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    This is a much needed patch. For example, I have multiple categories used for my entries in Outlook Calendar with color coding to help me spot when I am on travel for work, work meetings, volunteer rescue work, family activities, church activities, etc. Really missing that at the moment. All together. Biggest issue are being able to hide some of these categories (kid's activities) and only show them as an option vs. displaying work related stuff all the time.
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    YES! For God's sake why do we move backwards in technology when we upgrade to WebOS! I would probably pay for a patch like this
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    I know I would pay for a patch such as this...

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