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    Many of us who 've just migrated from Symbian or Windows Mobile OS, would love to see this feature.

    - Reject a call with a predefined/template SMS automatically sent to the number.
    - Additional option to be able to Edit the predefined/template SMS text before sending.

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    Agreed.. Miss the ability to do this...

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    that would be awesome. never heard of that before. i can think of many times i've ignored a call only to send that person a quick text right after.
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    That is one thing my centro could do that I miss. It'd be slick.
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    +1. Never thought of this, but I do use it a fair amount on my Diamond.
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    i would be all over it my old moto q9c could do that. It helped so much when i was at work
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    I second.....third ......fourth....fifth...this request.....
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    same! we need this, we also need an ignore button for incoming calls. instead of just pressing the power button..
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    I'm all for it. Really miss this feature from my Treos.
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    add me to the list

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