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    I attempted to install this patch without success.

    For patching launcher-assistant.jsjsjs $I$ $get$ $these$ $hunk$ $failures$:
    Hunk 1 at 17
    hunk 2 at 77
    hunk 3 at 127
    hunk 4 at 281
    hunk 5 at 334
    hunk 6 at 681
    hunk 7 at 804

    For patching launcher.css I get these failures:
    hunk 1 at 59
    hunk 2 at 106

    Is this a fairly new patch? Anyone have any idea why it won't install?
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    Yeah, me too! Still researching issue...
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    I got that too.
    Go here: dBsooner's webOS-Patches Web Portal
    And here:
    for more information.
    I downloaded the patch from its official forum (link above), and going to see if that works.
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    It will be the exact same patch as thats where the preWare feeds are!

    I have to say this so get mad if you will, I am a dev who makes some patches as well and it really gripes my a s s when people have problems w/ one of my patches and dont come to my thread to get answers. Why start a thread to complain about something that is quite frankly something you have probably done by mistake and forgotten you did.

    I am not able to read every post on this forum as Im sure lmorchard isnt either. If you really wanted to get the problem fixed you would ask the dev in his official thread as he obviously has more knowledge about this patch than anybody else.
    We as Devs dont have esp or some 6th sense that you are having issues.

    Sorry for the rant! I hope you get your problems fixed!
    Please hit the thanks button if I helped you

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    I'm the OP, and for some reason I wasn't able to find the official thread for this patch before starting the new thread. My mistake, and I had already left an apology on the other thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    It will be the exact same patch as thats where the preWare feeds are!
    I understand they are supposed to be the same. I also understand that it can sometimes take longer for a patch/app to officially appear or update on preware, but the developer can post directly to their thread, thus the reason why I downloaded directly from the thread. it was worth a try.

    You are right though, if someone has a problem, they should go to the forum first. I didn't post to this one to gripe about it, I wanted to share the new info I found. The Patches Web Portal is quite helpful in getting to the patch's forum and its creator.

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