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    Edit: This post made my patch request void.


    Is it anyway possible to rearrange the order of characters in "SYM" virtual keypad?
    I mean, I would prefer to have characters , , (not sure you see them correctly here) you English-speaking people sometimes call "foreign characters" first in the list. For me, though, being a Finn, these characters are anything but foreign, would you believe!

    Writing in my mother tongue requires these characters to be used quite often and writing would speed up immensely if those characters were visible instantly when pressing SYM key, no need to scroll through the list. And the list got even worse in this sense on the update from 1.3.1 to Those Nordic, Scandic or "foreign" characters went even further down in the list.

    I would believe Swedes, Danes, Norwegian and even German Pre owners, too, would love to have a certain set of characters to be moved on top of this SYM list. I think there are some more characters (e.g. , ǿ, , , among others) which Norwegian, Danes and Germans might want in excess to those three I mentioned in the beginning.

    Sorry about the lengthy post but I wanted to make myself understood in one go. Any chance to have such a patch?
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