Just dove into Preware today and all the glorious patches out there. I love them! I now have a very slick, personalized pre...thanks everyone.

However, after I added all the patches I wanted, I turned Developer Mode back off because it was still on from when I installed Preware. This afternoon I plugged my pre into my computer, and the battery percentage patch turned "teal" stating it is charging. I came back an hour or so later only to realize my pre was almost dead (it was low to begin with) and in fact it hadn't charged at all. I even watched it for a few minutes, and sure enough I saw the percentage go down. I almost panic'd and removed all the patches, but I needed to put my pre back in Developer Mode to connect to WebOS Quick Install. And low and behold, the darn thing started charging.

Is this a known bug? I couldn't find it anywhere on any threads. Or, is this the way it is suppose to work? I am good with technology, but new to palm and webOS. The guideline posted for installing WebOS Quick Install from PreCentral suggested turning the Developer Mode back off as it could be a security hazard.

Thanks. I love my pre!