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    Is this possible?
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    what like a bb's keypad lock type thing
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    not sure about bb, but like nokia or samsung... you would press *1 and it would lock. Maybe if you press the power button twice it would lock, kind of like pressing it once wakes up the pre.
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    You do know that the button on the upper right of the Pre will lock the screen, right?
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    i'm still waiting for this one. there are a lot of people asking for this. the phone doesn't need a lock. you already have to wake it with the top button.
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    This could related to two separate issues.

    One, the phone requires a "drag up" to unlock which is activated when the screen turns off.

    Two, the phone may require a PIN to unlock. This has a user adjustable time delay.

    I would really like the option to enable the PIN lock so that if I choose to leave my phone on my desk for a while I don't have to be concerned that any of my hooligan co-workers would take pictures of all kinds of crap while I am gone. I think this is the kind of lock people are looking for.

    Because of the user selectable delay you really have the option of being secure but typing in the PIN all the time or easier phone access without the security.

    Anyone? Is a patch like this possible.
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    ok well i thought he was saying that he only wanted to lock manual and not auto. was i wrong? as for djmcgee doesn't the phone already have a pin lock? what are you wanting?
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    I set my lock interval at 5 minutes because I don't like having to unlock my phone every minute when I'm regularly texting people, but I don't like the 5 minute interval if I'm walking away or leaving my phone for example. So the patch would let you double press the power button to manually engage the pin lock, but if you just pressed it once, it would turn your screen off and go to pin lock in 5 minutes.

    I think this is what the OP is looking for. There is currently no way to manually engage a pin lock if you set your interval at for example, 5 minutes.
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    ok,let me explain. I just want the pre to "not lock" ever unless I change a setting..say like the gps,wifi,ect...I chose lock or no lock. I know you can set the screen to "never" shut off..but it kills the battery.

    I dont want to swipe to unlock, I dont want a pin lock...just nothing. If its in my pocket and it calls russia..owell my falult...I didnt lock it.

    Right now the only way to avoid the annoying "swipe to unlock" is to open the pre keyboard..not easy when its on a car mount.

    Anyway maybe someone can make a patch like a on/off switch, or something like "double tap here to lock" or "press the power button twice to lock"
    I just want to control when it locks.
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    I'd love the option to turn off the 'swipe' lock and tu turn on the pin lock manually withonw touch on a button.
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    I have two requests. Are there any existing solutions?

    REQUEST: "Lock now" - The ability to easily and immediately activate Secure Unlock (aka PIN lock) the phone. Could be an app, or hot key, or added to device menu.

    REQUEST: Screen & Lock "Lock phone after xx hour" - I want to be able to set my own 1 hour, 2 hour, or (AnyAmountofTime) lock interval. - The longest 'Lock After' time in 1.4.0 is 30 minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IRhino View Post
    You do know that the button on the upper right of the Pre will lock the screen, right?
    theres a 'button' on the touch screen?

    what button instantly puts phone in lock mode? (brings lock screen up)

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