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    My first patch, hope somone finds it useful.

    Adds date to the top bar next to the time in format dd-MMM-yy. Unlike other the month displays as a 3 letter nemonic e.g Jan.

    Created on WebOS UK 02

    Edit: I've also uploaded a non UK 02 patch that was the origional that I wrote on the emulator as I understand there are some differences between the UK bar-assistant.jsjsjs $and$ $other$ $versions$
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    Sounds good - is there any way of gtting a screen shot of this patch in use?
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    I won't be home till the early hours of tomorrow morning but ill sort out a screenshot then.
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    As requested an Image and also a non UK-O2 version
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    I was asked about 2 other variations dd-MMM and MMM-dd so i quickly did them, both for
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    Can you add it in preware?
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    Going through picking up some apps I like, thanks
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    just got a pixi and read about homebrew apps / patches and preware - going to give this a shot thanks!
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    Just tried to install this through Preware and got a message: "This package is not currently available for WebOS 2.1.0."

    Any thoughts on when it might be updated?
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    I too have missed the date on my phone main screen since changing to my Pre2.
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