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    Hi All

    Is possible made a patch let's palm pre hardware keyboard more powerful and faster way to opening applications?

    Idea for Shortcuts Key
    Using Method: In launcher or specific application , Long Pass /Double Pass

    1. Q : Wifi
    2. P : Bluetooth
    3. F : File manager
    4. Space : FlashLight
    5. Let User self define

    I think that patch made it made pre more powerful and more convenience using one hand navigation.

    Thanks All.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $Virtual$ $Keyboard$ $can$ $only$ $be$ $opened$ $while$ $in$ $a$ $text$ $field$. $I$ $think$ $this$ $patch$ $would$ $require$ $both$ $an$ $update$ $to$ $the$ $VK$ $itself$ $as$ $well$ $as$ $a$ $patch$ $to$ $work$.

    Someone please correct me if i'm wrong.

    My post has been corrected, somehow i missed where ppcjacky actually typed "hardware keyboard."

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    i think he meant the hardware one
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    Wow, sorry, i don't know how i missed where he actually typed "hardware keyboard."

    Sorry about that.
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    Thanks 063_xobx and veritas06 for my correction

    hope the patch will be appear ~!

    Thanks All
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    Is it possible to made this patch ?

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    Seems like a valid request.

    It works already with pressing and holding 1, which dials voicemail. Maybe it ispossible to extent this functionlaity with other user-definable shortcut keys?
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    This is a feature I'd like very much too. I loved it on my earlier Siemens mobile phone where it was possible to setup every key to startup a function. Would be great to have that!

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