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    I would like a patch to shut off voicemail completely. I dont even want a caller to have the option to leave voicemail. Why there is no option to turn it off is unknown to me, but if this is possible, I would sure appreciate it.
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    Pretty sure you have to call sprint and ask them to remove voicemail from your plan, since it's a service from them rather than something based off your phone.
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    You sould go with google talk or some other party. You can code the forward to your Sprint and set your google prefs to not leave vmail.
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    Yes but even using google talk, I would still have to deal with callers I do not want to speak to, and voicemails I could care less about. my friends know not to leave a message, if I see that they called, I call them back. Voicemail is such a useless feature to me.

    @ Tarirene Is asking them to shut it off even an option? I did not know that was possible. I may have to call them to find out.
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    yeah you can shut off your voicemail by calling sprint or even get the ringer amount increased to 6 rings before voicemail picks up.
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    Ok, thank you so much for the information, I had my voicemail turned off!

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