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    That is the correct e-mail adress because I did receive a confirmation about the submission. Only the rejection I did not get. I'll submit it again right now. Thanks for looking into it.
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    It's approved now! Just got the e-mail confirmation. This time the e-mail come through even though it's the same exact one. Anyway, thank your very much Rod!
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    good day
    tell me why not open the archive of patches?
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    The server was hacked and distributing bad stuff or trying to DOS other peoples networks. So it was taken down and there are not enough resources to get it back up in a secure way. So probably the patches are gone for good.
    If you want to get hold off the old patches, you can download them from github: (you have to select a webOS version branch to see any patches).
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    I've asked WebOS Internals if they can share the source code of the patches portal somewhere. I might be able to assist in making it "hackers-proof".
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