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    Well not sure if anyone has had a instinct but i really loved how you taped on a app/phonebook/web links/ ect. you always get a confirm that you tapped it with a short vibrate. kinda like the phone dial pad vibrate but change it to everything give you a vibrate confirm. i would really like this feature on my pre because sometimes little links on the web are hard to know if you tapped the next page or whatever. Thanks for reading and let me know what yall think.

    ps. maybe even a vibrate to confirm you use the back swipe on the bar.
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    you mean haptic feedback this has been mentioned several dozen times if you just search the forums
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    oh ok didnt know the correct word for it thanks
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    Patches are available to provide haptic feedback in both the Phone app and the Calculator app. Search Preware and there should also be threads for each of them on the forum.

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    yeah but i want it on everything like the instinct is.

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