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    I noticed in the Pre Central store that there was a Stereo BT single ear piece that was available. When I was in the Sprint store I asked how many they had available and they were not even aware of such a product. I was informed that the Win Mobile platform had an app that enabled Stereo BT over a single ear piece. It is possible for an app or patch to enable this on the Pre? I would love to have this!!

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    are you saying you want both channels (left and right) to play in one ear? cuz technically it is not stereo if it is only in one ear that would be mono. Does the pre not do this now? I have a headset but don't use it enough to know if it is getting mono or one just one side of the stereo.
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    I don't care if its left, right, or both. As long as I can listen to pandora or my music on a single earpiece over BT. That's all I want:-)
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    you can. just make sure you have A2DP enabled BT head set. most of the newer ones have this.

    a way to know if yours does is when i go under BT setting in the phone and sync my headset it says "plantronics 8xx" (my headset) and beside that shows a phone symbol (showing that it is synced for talking) and a music note symbol (showing that it is synced for music).
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    My BT doesnt have that ADP2 connection. just BT 2.1. Its the LG speakr cradle/ bt combo sold by sprint. The rep at Sprint said that Win Mobile had an application or a patch that enabled you to listen to music on ANY BT device. I figured that surely if it can be done on Win Mo then it can be done on the Pre. Am I wrong?
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    Bluetooth profile - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I'm almost certain he's wrong but i'm not a bluetooth expert. I sure the BT itself needs the technology not just the phone. check the wiki link and scroll to A2DP

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