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    Is this patch still available? If so, I can't seem to find it?

    Thanks for your assistance, somehow the patch got erased, and it has always helped out a lot!
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    You don't need a patch.

    Go into the clock preferences, type "sixtyten", and then it'll give you a notification sound, and you can use 1 minute intervals.
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    Amazing!!!! I never knew that!!! How come they 'hid' that feature?! I've been wishing that could be changed for ages!
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    I really dont mean to bump an old thread but wow that is amazing! lol.
    I've hated the pre for only letting me do 5 minute intervals...

    I can't believe I never knew this! thank you
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    Just bringing this back up after fighting it and searching.

    I don't like the application countdown timers since they rely on the media volume instead of system volume. If media volume is muted or all the way down you will never hear it.

    Alarm cures this and having a minute setting will help with cooking and 'guessing' around 5minute intervals
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    bump my clock app reset for the first time and i took forever to find this thread!
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    Don't forget about 4231, it removes the bing bong sound

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