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    I was asking in another thread if it was possible to get the size of an application size.

    I wanted this, because if I think I need to delete something to make room (even now that we can have unlimited apps installed), considering that these super 3D games take up a lot of room. I might have to delete them to make space for something I'm doing.

    Anyway, I was told that I can get the application size by going to Launcher Menu and selecting 'List Apps' which lists the apps and their version number. But to get the size I would have to tap each one, as if I wanted to delete the app to see the size and version number (again), in very small type.

    That does work, but I did at least once accidentally delete an app.

    And I have to tap each app separately to which makes it hard to do a comparison if I am trying to figure out which is taking up the most space.

    Is there a way to make a Patch that would add a column in the first page of 'List App' and have the size listed along side the version number.

    That why both information is on one screen and I can just scroll up and down the window to easily do a comparison. And not have to do all those extra steps of tap on the app to bring up a separate button window.

    Can it be done, and is anyone interested?

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