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    This was brought up in another thread and is something that has driven me nuts too. During a conference (3-way) call the only way to hang up one of the callers and still keep one is to do the following (and I quote from page 94 of the Pre User Manual): "Ask one of the callers to hang up, so you can stay connected to the other caller."

    Is there a way to create a patch to allow a call to be hung up on the Pre instead of either hanging up on all calls or asking one party to hang up? I would think this would be an automatic feature on all phones capable of 3-way calling - but apparently not.

    How about it? Anyone able to pull this patch off for us?
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    Yes, please. It's something I was able to do with att and t-mob and I miss it.

    If I remember correctly I couldn't do it with vz either, so maybe it is another shortcoming of cdma (along with calls going right to voicemail if you're loading a web page, text message delays, can't use your phone much internationally, etc.).
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    I think this is a carrier issue, and not a phone issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cglaguna View Post
    I think this is a carrier issue, and not a phone issue.
    Close, but not 100% accurate.

    It's actually a CDMA issue. This patch is 100% impossible on a CDMA phone. You would have the same issue on any CDMA network, regardless of carrier. Sprint, Bell, Verizon, SK Telecom, etc. If it's CDMA, you're SOL.


    No way around it. It's simply a limitation of the way a CDMA network functions. This is the in the same category as not being able to use data and voice at the same time unless you're using WiFi for the data. CDMA just can't handle it.

    Now, on one of the GSM Pres from europe, this should be possible, but I'm guessing it wouldn't require a patch because that's a standard function on GSM.
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    "Ask the other caller to hang up" ...?

    It has been my experience, that doesn't even work.

    If I'm on the phone, and someone else calls me, I click over, talk to them, conclude that call, and then click back to my original call, only to see that other caller is still "on hold" forever. There is no way to make the phone realize that other caller has disconnected. All I can do is click "Hang up on all", which disconnects the other phantom call, and also disconnects my currently active call, which is just stupid.

    There's really no way around this?!

    I swear I didn't have this problem with my Treo 800w, or Centro, both also on Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by je255j View Post
    I swear I didn't have this problem with my Treo 800w, or Centro, both also on Sprint.
    Unless they were tri-mode phones that could roam on GSM networks, you're mistaken. CDMA can't do what you want it to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by je255j View Post
    "Ask the other caller to hang up" ...?
    I swear I didn't have this problem with my Treo 800w, or Centro, both also on Sprint.
    I DID have this issue on my Treo 650 and 755p. But I would love for someone to fiure out some sort of workaround. Although you (VeeDubb65) are saying it it impossible on CDMA, it just doesn't make sense to me that our phones cannot hang up an added line in the same way they hang up a single call--isn't a call a call and if you hang it up you hang it up? If you can hang up one, why not ANY one at a time?

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    my centro did do this. I couldn't hang up one call w/o hanging up both and I hated it. But someone said on another thread a while ago that when ur on a call and put that person on hold to take another call. When ur done with that second call, just hit hang up all. Then ur phone will ring with the first caller showing and if you answer it that person thinks you just had em on hold the whole time. Just takes a couple seconds for that first call to ring back and you continue ur conversation like nothing happened w/o the annoying other person on hold whe it's actually hung up. I did it and it works every time.
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    Man, yes. This issue p's me off. Been meaning to post this same problem but I use it so little I always forget about it. Didn't have this issue of hangin up the 3rd person on my Moto Q9c with Sprint.

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