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    This is a very simple patch (currently available in the WebOSpatches feed through Preware) based on some leg-work done by ericwait and others in this thread.

    This patch creates a hidden file in your USB storage area which will indicate to any HAL aware linux media players (banshee, etc) and desktop managers (gnome, KDE, etc) that they can and should treat your Palm Pre as a media player when connected in USB mode.

    This patch is 100% compatible with all existing WebOS devices and all existing versions of WebOS.

    It will continue to be 100% compatible with all present and future WebOS versions devices as long as the USB storage area continues to be at /media/internal and the Pre continues to have the ability to play media that isn't tied up in an ipod file structure.

    The advantage to using this, is that when you connect your Pre to a linux desktop in media mode, and allow your desktop to sync it as an ipod, you're stuck with the bizarre file structure and hashed file names, making your media less accessible.

    Cover art will also sync, provided you have the cover art properly embedded in the file tags.
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    Thanks a bunch for this!
    Could you please instruct me how to get the cover art properly embedded?
    I'm having the issue of the cover art filling up my entire photo album. I am assuming that it has something to do with how they are embedded and or how banshee is putting them on the pre.

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